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Guitars, Guitars, Guitars

Guitars, Guitars, Guitars

Guitars, Guitars, Guitars - $150

Selling my guitars.

The Red Stratocaster is Mex made and a limited edition 2004 fat strat. Notice the head stock is the same color as the body and it is marked Fender special edition 4 of 250. Yours for only $375.99

The Red Blade 1 is a low end entry guitar made by V.M.I Sebring. It plays great with a few light scratches. A great beginner tool. $149.99

The Fender Esquire is the only neck through guitar made by fender and it is a player. This one is cheaper than it should be because of a repaired neck. $139.99

The Trebleshooter is locally assembled and has a Grateful Dead motif. This is a great player and one needs to play it to appreciate it. $199.99

The Arbor is a beautiful guitar with gold hardware. Even though it is not a famous brand it is hard to put down once you play it. $169.99

The Green Samick is a Greg Bennett design and is much like a PRS. The curly Maple Green is mesmerizing. It has 2 Duncan designed dual coil pickups and I am on and off on selling it. Hope you catch me on the right day. $229.99

The Red Kramer striker Bass is a 4 string. It is entry level but better than average and very durable. It was bought for studio recording and not used very much. $189.99

Call me at 605-381-2983 if you want to come by and check them out

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Posted: Sep-11-14

Phone: (605)-381-2983